Board of Directors

Rich Veldhoen, President

Calgary Police Service

Anthony Oliver, Vice President

Tamara Valstar, Treasurer

Alberta Health Services Southern Alberta – Forensic Psychiatry Services

Clarissa Johnson, Secretary

Edmonton John Howard Society – Adult Residential Services

Peter Copple, Past President

PJ Copple Consulting Services

Gordon Wright, Director

Red Deer John Howard Society

Kevin Horbasenko, Director

Correctional Services Canada – Parole

Ray Noble, Director

Deborah Nowakowski, Director

Calgary John Howard Society


Sarah MacDonald, Director


Erin Gibbs van Brunschot, Director



Election to the Board of Directors

Membership in the Canadian Criminal Justice Association (CCJA) automatically provides an associated membership with the ACJA which is the base requirement for consideration of election to the Board of Directors. Board members are elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting for a term of one year. In addition, the Board of Directors may fill any vacancies occurring between Annual General Meetings by appointment. The names of the prospective candidates are put forth by a residing Board member and an accompanying biography of that candidate’s accomplishments and merits for consideration. Board vacancies are filled with the best candidates for the coming year through a process of voting by the current board members.

Members of the Board of Directors are required to be members in good standing of the ACJA, must be willing to attend monthly meetings (excluding July and August), and willing to assist the Board with various positions, tasks, and workshops. All members of the Board of Directors attend a yearly retreat that usually spans two days. This annual retreat affords the ACJA Board an opportunity to plan for the upcoming year and to review aspects of our operation that may require change. Board members additionally have the opportunity to influence what is needed in their community and be active in the planning of ACJA workshops.