Our vision is simple: A more effective system where restorative justice far surpasses recidivism

We believe that educating the public about, and directly participating in, local and national Criminal Justice Reform (“CJSR”) projects, is vital to bettering our society.

Our mission is to inform and hopefully inspire CJSR stakeholders and members of the public alike to participate in creating a more diverse, equitable and humane Criminal Justice System, which improves the lives and outcomes of all Albertans. 

Our Board of Directors (link) is carefully selected to ensure representation of community’s across Alberta, as well as various core CJSR areas. 

Our Board employs a consensus driven model of collaboration that deliver outstanding results that adhere to our non-profit organization’s core values:

  • Restorative Justice
  • Collaborative Relations
    In accordance with our Bylaws and respective professional responsibilities, we commit to ensuring that we work effectively, respectfully, and inclusively toward the goals of the CCJA (link) with our Directors (link), members (link), CJSR stakeholders, and the public in an environment marked by trust, shared values, and consensus decision-making.
  • Integrity
    We commit to adhering to the highest standards of conduct, ethical practice, and honest, transparent communication within our membership and the CJSR community.
  • Excellence
    We strive to reach our full potential as an non-profit organization and seek opportunities for self-improvement that can help us explore new ways of sharing the vast knowledge and best practices of Canada’s leading CJSR practitioners and academics.
  • Innovation
    Although we do not advocate on behalf of individuals in the Criminal Justice System, we continually seek new ways of reducing recidivism and restoring victims in efforts to reclaim the vast human potential otherwise lost. 
    We invite you to explore our website and to reach out to any member of the Board (link) with your questions, educational opportunities or anything else you’d like to share.
    Our value driven membership rates (CCJA link) are subsided by our fundraising initiatives and grant applications specific to our organizations initiatives (link to new web page) and low overhead needs.