Our History

ACJA is incorporated under the Societies Act of Alberta and operates under bylaws that regulate the transaction of its business and affairs. Our Annual General Meeting occurs each year before the end of October. Historically, the ACJA has been a very active association and  hosted the Canadian Congress on Criminal Justice in both 2005 and 1999.


Informed, Competent and Responsive Alberta Criminal Justice System.


The Alberta Criminal Justice Association provides timely and topical information to Criminal Justice System related professionals that fosters confidence, builds leadership and promotes a humane, equitable and respected Criminal Justice system.

Values & Guiding Principles

Sustainability, accountability and responsibility of our association

Diversity and equity of our stakeholders

 A collaborative, holistic and inclusive approach to educating individuals on criminal justice matters
Respect and integrity for the interests of our members and the community

The goals of ACJA are:

  • To provide a forum for criminal justice system professionals and associated service providers to obtain and exchange information, knowledge and skills, emphasizing best practices and accessibility.
  • To be recognized as a valuable and viable association that fosters future criminal justice professionals.
  • To be responsive to the needs of the community by being receptive, insightful and informative.
  • To operate with an effective and knowledgeable board that is representative of the criminal justice system.
  • To provide feedback to/from the Canadian criminal justice system.
  • To recruit, promote and engage membership.